Resolving structural diversity of Carbapenemase-producing gram-negative bacteria using single molecule sequencing

Carbapenemase-producing bacteria are resistant against almost all commonly used betalactam and cephalosporin antibiotics and represent a growing public health crisis. Carbapenemases reside predominantly in mobile genetic elements and rapidly spread …

Global morphogenetic flow is accurately predicted by the spatial distribution of myosin motors

During embryogenesis tissue layers undergo morphogenetic flow rearranging and folding into specific shapes. While developmental biology has identified key genes and local cellular processes, global coordination of tissue remodeling at the organ scale …

Active tension network model suggests an exotic mechanical state realized in epithelial tissues

Mechanical interactions play a crucial role in epithelial morphogenesis, yet understanding the complex mechanisms through which stress and deformation affect cell behaviour remains an open problem. Here we formulate and analyse the active tension …
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